Rent Your Tent

Hike Tent - 02 Person

6 x 4 ft

Backpacking Tent - 6 Person

12 x 7 ft

Troup Tent - 8-10 Person

10 x 12 ft

  • Price per night Rs. 2000
  • Rental Policies

    • All renters must kept the driver’s license or a picture of ID when rent.
    • No Reservations can be made for camping tents, rented only on a first-come-first served basis.
    • Each renter of equipment must sign a liability statement when checking out the equipment.
    • The user agrees to pay for any damages or loss of equipment.
    • A limit of two of each type of equipment may be checked out per person.
    • Equipment must be returned on the due date or late fines will be assessed,
    • The fee for the late return of equipment is Rs 500per day per item.
    • Fines for wet, dirty, lost or damaged equipment will also be assessed.